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Product Categories

Dairy Fresh Foods offers particular expertise along with great breadth and depth of product selection in the Dairy and Deli categories. We offer extensive selections of packaged retail goods and bulk items for service cases and hot foods cases, including MRB and rotisserie chicken.

Dairy Fresh Foods is one of few distributors who cut and package certain deli cheese items on premises, presenting advantages with respect to cost and quality.

Bakery thaw and sell retail packaged goods complement the bulk pack and specialty items that we offer.

Pizzeria products include dough balls and prepared crusts plus all toppings and the finest tomato products. Food Service operators purchase both components as well as heat and serve items from the Dairy Fresh Foods catalog.

Meat and seafood buyers appreciate competitive pricing on packaged retail items such as shrimp and luncheon meats, plus bulk pack items including fully cooked items for repack or on-site use.

View our Catalog

The Dairy Fresh Foods product catalog is extensive, but organized in a logical flow of related categories identified by descriptive headers. Please download and browse our recent catalog with product photos. Use your Adobe Acrobat® viewer’s search function to locate specific items by key word. Contact us with questions or for quotes as product selection and market pricing sometimes change.

A variety of grocery, convenience, snack and confection items – including many seasonal items and shippers – round out offerings to large and small format grocery stores as well as to Convenience and Vending outlets.

Frozen yogurt and custard shop operators: please take note of our extensive selection of top assorted mixes that yield both top quality product and high profits.

Through a relationship with a specialty distributor, Dairy Fresh Foods also handles all types of kosher food products including fresh poultry and meats, dairy, seafood and grocery items for daily and Passover consumption. You may read more about these kosher product lines by clicking for redirection to Morris Kosher Poultry. Contact us for more information, or inquire directly by email to